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Our Games

Our portfolio is ever-expanding, and the common denominator is staying true to the experience the player wants and expects, in order to increase player engagement and retention.

The goal with all our games is player retention. With high player retention, we can tweak and expand the game during the soft launch and live ops to increase revenue.

Idle Necromancer

Take control of the Nether to summon vast armies of undead to do your bidding. Slay villagers and armies for fresh recruits, in your never-ending pursuit of power.

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Idle Station

Expand and upgrade your station to attract bigger and more modern trains, ever-increasing your profits until you're the next train mogul of our time!

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Idle Train

Upgrade your train through a wide range of locomotives and wagons. Start in the 1850s and work your way up until today, to experience trains from a bygone era.

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Thanks for your interest, we'll get back to you soon

Our onboarding is quite simple:

  1. Use the form to write to us and tell us about your project.

  2. We'll contact you, and schedule an initial meeting (In-person or online) free of charge

  3. At our first meeting, we'll discuss your project and feel each other out. If both parties believe we're a good match, we'll start planning the pre-production.

We understand all our clients have different requirements and budgets, and we have a flexible model to accommodate most. Hourly rates, revenue share, hybrids, and so on.

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